October 8, 2016


Thanks for visiting our wedding site! You will find all the details for our wedding right here on this site, if not let me know. Take a look and explore, see what you can find. Its a work in progress we will slowly add the needed info for accomidations, registry and any other needed information.  We will mostl likely be figuring out some sort of car pool because there is only enough space for a set amount of cars and so not everyone will be able to drive from the hotel or denver in their own cars.

7/31/16 - Because we will be at a higher elevation, please remember to drink lots of water! and also bring a light jacket as we will be in the mountains in the fall and it might get cooler when the sun starts to set. 

9/14/16- Added our honeymoon fund!!!

10/01/16- now that we are getting closer you may want to send messages to one another on the posting here to try and find out if you want to car pool at all.  Like I sad before the parking lot only holds 25 cars max. So not everyone will be able to drive their own cars.

10-03-16  as of right now the weather says mostly sunny and 63 around golden. And it gets cooler as the sun goes down so please remember to bring a lite jacket if you think you will need one.